Instagram filters

Faced with the constant need for innovation in social media, there arised the opportunity to develop different interactive filters for the account of the 2022 FIFA World Cup’s Organization Committee. Many influencers and ex-football players participated and boosted these filters, getting really high numbers of interactions.

Who will win the World Cup?

The first filter I developed was to generate interactions and visits to the account.

Some months before the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, we must have followers in our accounts to see the content that was being generated day by day.

The filter was easy to use: a randomizer effect that had 32 flags of all the teams that would participate in the event. At the end, only one flag was selected, and that team was the winner of the tournament, according to the filter.

The action was driven by Morena Beltrán, a journalist and influencer, in her social media accounts.

This filter was shared with the Arabic and English accounts.

Quiz – Qatar 2022

The days before the beginning of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, we proposed to create a filter to make people interested in specific details about Qatar 2022, in comparison with the rest of the FIFA World Cups.

The filter had five questions with two possible answers, one was correct and the other was incorrect. If the contestant answered well, those correct answers were counted and at the end, every contestant had a final punctuation.

This action was driven by Markitos Navaja, streamer and influencer, in his social media accounts, generating many new followers in the account.

Lusail filter

The last filter I developed was used for the first time during the inauguration of Lusail Iconic Stadium, where later the Final Match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup took place, among many other matches.

That day, Javier “Matador” Hernández was invited. He is a historical ex- football player from Mexico, and he is worldwide renowned. Javier was invited to be the visible face of the filter in the account.

The filter was very easy to use: the user had to match an illustration of Lusail Iconic Stadium with the same picture in 5 seconds.

This was another competitive game among users that generated many interactions.